How To Become A Master Work From Home Based Opportunity Networker In 3 Steps

Effective home based opportunity networking is based on making connections.

A chief cause of online business failure is the inability to make connections. Connections build trust, trust builds businesses.

Talk About Them

Become interesting by expressing interest in others.

Want to generate a buzz? Express genuine interest in other people. This is a lost art in an age of inward thinking.

Specific Example: Leave thoughtful comments on Facebook status updates. 2-3 sentences minimum. Don't talk for the sake of talking. Chat up your friend. Let the person know that you are a listener, that you care, and that you are there.

Resist the Me-Me-Me urge that plagues many home based opportunity sponsors. You are nothing without others' support.

Share Their Stuff

Form a network of work at home sponsors. Retweet each of your networking buddies' blog posts on twitter. Share some posts on Facebook. StumbleUpon a few as well. Digg 'em. Delicious them.

You get the drift. World class networkers share without any ulterior motive. The key is to give as freely as you can. 

In the end you gain the reputation of a giver. Givers never lack for web traffic, contacts and money. If you are lacking in any of the previously mentioned departments, give more freely.

Specific Example: Facebook share a fellow FB friend's blog post. Tag them (Key in the "@" symbol and begin typing the name) and leave a short synopsis of the blog post. Pump up the description. Make it entertaining.

Add Value Everywhere You Go

Add value, become valuable. Stick to this recipe to become a master networker.

Don't wait to add value, feeling you have nothing to offer. Newbies can add value from Day 1.

Do you know one thing about your home based opportunity? Tweet it. Include the information in a Facebook update.

New sponsors mistakenly think they have little to offer, not realizing their parcel of knowledge is infinitely more than someone entirely new to a work at home venture. 

You don't need to be an authority or expert to be a teacher. Form the habit of adding value.

Specific Example: Visit a network marketing blog. Read the entire post. Seek to add value by treating your comment as a piece of content. Include an introduction, "Hi (Blogger Name)." Write a body, 3 to 4 sentences noting a key point in the post and add your insight. Craft a conclusion, "Thanks for sharing and have a powerful day!, (Insert Your Name)."

Growing your home based opportunity is simple for master networkers. Follow my steps and prosper.

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