Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find some common questions and their answers.
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  1. What do you mean by work-at-home jobs?

    There are two types of work available. One is where the companies are offering to pay you to perform a service or task, per their requirements, in return for payment. The other type of work is where companies are offering home-based income opportunities. We use the term "job" to indicate an income opportunity offered by a company which includes being self employed.

  2. How do I know that American Diversified Publications is legitimate?

    That is a fair question. It is very unfortunate that there are many companies out there that are not trustworthy. The friendly staff at American Diversified Publications has over thirty-nine years of experience providing customers with the most accurate and legitimate work at home information. We have been in the same geographical location for over twenty years. It is our sincere goal to provide you with the best information available.

  3. How do I know companies in your book are the best in the industry?

    We has researched thousands and thousands of companies. The vast majority have not met our standards to be included in our program. If they are a product assembly company, we require they send us a sample product and a sample assembly kit. Depending on the type of company, we ask them to sign an agreement ensuring that any of our clients who work for them are treated with our own high standards.

    Most of all we listen to customers like you. If we get a complaint on a particular company in our directory, we check into it. If at any time we feel a company is not being fair for any reason they are immediately removed from our program. Fortunately, because our company does its homework this rarely ever happens.

  4. Why was the company started?

    Interestingly, the company was started when the founders were looking for ways to make extra income from home. They ordered a work-at-home information directory from another company. What they received was of very poor quality, poorly laid out and the information was raw. Some of the companies were good, but most were out of business or were companies with poor business practices (to say the least!). Since they were looking for legitimate work-at-home they set out to find good and legitimate companies to work for. Their initial research lasted two years and actually continues to this day. They vowed that they would offer the results of their highly successful research to others and ensure it was complete, accurate and useful....and so they have and do now.

  5. Can you really make a living off these companies?

    We have had a couple customers (members) tell us they have secured full time jobs from our database, but it is not the typical case. Most people looking to do work from home are trying to earn an extra income. Although we do not represent or endorse the companies we have researched, we strongly feel you certainly have the potential to make an extra income with the hundreds of companies offering work. You can even work for several of these companies at once and increase your potential to earn an extra income. You can also use these companies or ideas from them to start your own small part-time business, in which case there is no limit on how much money you can make.

  6. Just how much can I make?

    Again these companies in our publication are offering potential for a useful income supplement. Of course, we can not guarantee anyone a particular income, we do feel strongly that there is plenty of opportunity within our research program to make it. Like any other job, it depends on how skilled you are, how well disciplined, how creative, how much time you have to put into it and many other factors. There are hundreds of job offers to choose from, so you can choose the one that suits you best - so you can do your best.

  7. Is there a big selection of types of work?

    Absolutely yes! Although the types of companies vary; there are always hundreds of jobs and opportunities being offered at any given time. There is always plenty to choose from. Examples include, consumer opinion surveys, computer work, field surveys, writers, artists, simple sales, craft work, sewing, assembly and more...Again, although there is always a big selection of opportunities to choose from, the exact mix and types may vary at any given time.

  8. Does it require any experience?

    Few of the jobs require any experience. Many of the computer jobs do, although some do not. Although some jobs require certain skills such as artistic ability or writing skills, the majority of jobs require NO experience.

  9. Is the work really easy?

    American Diversified Publications considers most of the work easy. In other words, the tasks asked to be done generally appear uncomplicated. Although we fully recognize that what is easy to one person may not be to another. Since there is a large selection, you can choose whatever suits your interests and skills.

  10. What is the guarantee?

    Order our package and look it over. If you are not 100% satisfied with what you have received, return it in new and reusable condition within 30 days from the date you received it from American Diversified Publications. You will be refunded the cost of the program minus shipping and handling costs.

  11. Can I do all the work from home?

    Yes, it is all home-based, meaning you can do it exclusively at home or based from your home where you may have to go out and do something, for example, conduct surveys. However, you do it when you want - and for as long as you want. You are the boss!

  12. Do any of the companies in your program charge an additional fee?

    The majority do not, but some do (particularly the product assembly companies). Typically they need to send materials and/or tools to you. A typical fee might be $35.00, plus an equally small and refundable materials deposit. However, the majority of the companies do not have any cost to get started working for them. You may choose any job offer you want, it is entirely up to you on what best fits your needs and skills.

  13. What about taxes?

    Some of the companies will hire you as an employee and withhold federal income taxes. However, most hire you as an independent subcontractor or as self employed. This can offer you significant tax savings. This means that they do not withhold taxes. In this case, it is up to you to declare your income to the government. You may choose whatever type of job you prefer.

  14. Who will I work for?

    You have a wide selection available. You will contact and work directly for whichever company(s) you choose to work for. You may work for as many companies as you like, including more than one at the same time.

  15. Do you add new companies to the program periodically?

    Yes we do. As our Research Department approves a batch of companies or our own company starts a new program - it is added to the next publication. Customers who have purchased the directory can simply send in a $20.00 for the most current publication.

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