Info On Mystery Shoppers, Jobs, And How To Find Vacancies

Do you love to shop? If so, you may be tempted by emails or newspaper ads that offer you can earn a living as a secret or mystery shopper by dining at elegant restaurants, shopping at pricey stores, or checking into luxurious hotel.

What is Mystery Shopping?

Some retailers hire marketing research companies to evaluate the quality of service in their stores; these companies use mystery shoppers to fill vacancies to get the information anonymously. They assign a mystery shopper to make a particular purchase in a store or restaurant, for example, and then report on the experience. Typically, the shopper is reimbursed, and can keep the product or service.

Many professionals in the field consider mystery shopping a part-time activity, at best. And, they add, opportunities generally are posted online by marketing research or merchandising companies.  The truth is that it is very easy to get into the mystery shopper business. The shopping certification offered in advertising or emails can be worthwhile. A list of companies that hire mystery shoppers is available as well as a list of mystery shopper vacancies; and legitimate mystery shopper jobs are on the located throughout the country.

The details and information mystery shoppers take note of typically include:
    * number of employees in the store on entering
    * how long it takes before the mystery shopper is greeted
    * the name of the employees
    * whether or not the greeting is friendly, ideally according to objective measures
    * the questions asked by the shopper to find a suitable product
    * the types of products shown
    * the sales arguments used by the employee
    * whether or how the employee attempted to close the sale
    * whether the employee suggested any add-on sales
    * whether the employee invited the shopper to come back to the store
    * cleanliness of store and store associates
    * speed of service
    * compliance with company standards relating to service, store appearance, and grooming/presentation

Becoming a legitimate mystery shopper for a legitimate companyis easy. Here’s how to do it:  Click here

  • Search the Internet for mystery shopping companies that are accepting applications.   
  • Do some homework about mystery shopping.
  • Check libraries or bookstores for tips on how to find companies hiring mystery shoppers, as well as how to do the job effectively.

This page can be a guide to help you find mystery shopper jobs, mystery shopper information and mystery shopper vacancies online.

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